Dec 3, 2010

Ceramic Leaf Bowl

By Ben M. and Drew R.
The 4th grade students of Purchase School made ceramic leaf bowls. Our first step was to get a big leaf and roll out a slab of clay. We put the leaf on top of the clay and used a rolling pin to get the veins to show in the clay. Next, we used a clay needle to trace and cut out the shape of the leaf. Then we took a cup of water, dipped our finger in it, and smoothed over the edges of the clay. We laid it out on a paper towel and placed it into a bowl to get the shape of a bowl. While we were gone, Ms. Palefsky put the clay into the kiln to be bisque fired. When we came back, we glazed our bowls with special glazes that contained little pieces of different colors. The colors of the glazes looked different in the container, but they changed when they were heated in kiln. After we finished putting on three coats of glaze, our bowls were put back in the kiln for another firing. When they came out, they were waterproof and very shiny. You can also see the little color bursts that created speckles of different colors. Making the ceramic leaf bowl was a great experience.

Enjoy the slideshow of our process.



  1. Ms.Palefsky-
    These looks so terrific!I am going to share this project with my students as well!

  2. Well, Mrs. Vitarello, I can't thank you enough for teaching me how to run the mighty kiln, and work with natural clay.
    At first I was intimidated by ceramics projects, but your encouragement was like a glaze of motivation.

  3. I LOVE the work the students have created. Two of my favorites are the self portraits which I hope they each had a chance to write an autobiography to go with their picture. I also loved the full sized characters that were placed around the school. Keep up the very creative work, I'll be checking back to see my might even be yours!!!! When I need a creative idea I'll be sure to check back to see what you are doing.
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  4. Anonymous12/24/2010

    i Love how we did the mud clay and how amazing the colors turned out it was so great i just loved doing it

  5. Anonymous3/29/2011

    I love how there shinny and soooo creative it was very cool how the paints had little dots in them

  6. Anonymous12/15/2011

    I loved this project last year and I love the clay can we do something like this in fith grade