Aug 24, 2010

Take a Wild Guess...

The question on everyone's mind:
"what will be in the art room this year?" We've seen a giant tree, an up-scaled dragon, and a wacky bird ... (see here)

Our challenge: 1.) create a sculpture using recycled materials, 2.) have every student in the school contribute by adding their own piece to the installation.

Thanks to up-coming fourth-grader Chris D., the first part was solved last June -- when he lugged in a tremendous, 10-foot cardboard tube that came with his family's new carpet.

Well, here are some pictures of the construction process ... can you predict what it will be? ... go on, take a wild guess.


  1. Alison K.9/08/2010

    I know what it is and I can't wait until it's fully done!

  2. Me too, Alison!
    I love the way a piece of art can evolve... and continue to change... this project is full of surprises...
    Thanks for posting your comment, it adds to the suspense!

  3. samantha Caraballo9/14/2010

    the lion looks fabulus!

    From SAmantha Caraballo

  4. Anonymous9/15/2010

    hey everyone its adam im in middle school it is awesome i showed my tec class about this website :) you 5th graders should get excited for LMK!!!!

  5. Alexandra Zumbo9/15/2010

    Hi Ms. Palefsky,
    I think the lion will look super great when all the scales are on it. The mane will be very colorful. I love art-it's my favorite subject in school!

  6. Samantha & Alexandra - Thanks for posting your comments! I'm super-excited to see how the Lion turns out... we'll put photos on here when he's all finished... stay tuned.

    6th grader Adam - Thanks for showing this blog to your class at LMK! You're going to have a great year... you make middle school sound like blast. Keep in touch!

  7. Anonymous9/17/2010

    Adam(Jeannine and Danny's brother)