Mar 1, 2010

Youth Art Month

The Harrison Council for the Arts is hosting a bounty of student artwork, on display in the Municipal Building & Public Library through March 31, 2010. Students at all grade levels are exhibiting their work, discussing their creative process, and celebrating their growth as young artists.

Youth Art Month is a month of promoting art and art education in the United States. It is observed in March, with thousands of American schools participating, often with the involvement of local art museums and civic organizations.

Youth Art Month was founded by the Crayon, Water Color & Craft Institute, Inc., in cooperation with the National Art Education Association, in 1961. Its goal was to "emphasize the value of participating in art for all children."

Check out some incredible art programs in our community...


  1. Anonymous3/01/2010

    March is Youth Art Month!

    Celebrate YOUTH ART MONTH with MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids.

    Our child host visits with San Diego illustrator Lori Mitchell author of DIfferent Like Me and Holly Blooms's Garden from FlashLight Press. Lori talks about her life as an illustrator and her life as an artist. Links to fun websites filled with great art projects for kids.

    MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids (
    is a series of free educational video pod casts is directed at kids ages 7-12. Each three-minute episode includes links to fun websites, a list of recommended books and a Learning Corner of questions and extended activities about the topic.

  2. Thanks so much for blogging this. Love it!!
    And it was so very nice to see you at the reception. Thanks again for your participation and the work you do with these kids.
    with deep appreciation...