Aug 31, 2009

an installation... a collaboration... a tradition.

It all started two years ago as I pulled streams of giant brown paper from the fleet of boxes delivering supplies. "This could be great for something," I thought. And, from those recycled packaging materials grew a tree -- a giant paper sculpture bearing leaves designed by each student in the school. Last year, we moved to the animal kingdom, creating a tremendous dragon, featuring scales designed by each student.

And this year...

... our installation will don feathers. 

All 437 students will create a feather in their favorite color. As a result, this new plumy pal will double as a sculptural pictograph, using feathers to represent our statistical data. ... And ... silently promote recycling.


  1. Anonymous9/12/2009

    love the bird!! cant wait to see it after the feathers.

    Richa Mehra